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Mifuko's wonderful baskets help you organise your home and to find the right place for everything from small toys to pillows.


We believe that a happier future is made by hand.


We have committed to putting people and planet first in everything we do. 


Our ornaments have been handcarved from fallen jacaranda tree branches.


Our candle holders are handmade and create the perfect ambiance.


Learn more about our work in Kenya.

Mifuko is a proud member of World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), the highly regarded global community of social enterprises that practice Fair Trade. WFTO members must demonstrate they put people and the planet first, adhering to the WFTO Fair Trade Principles.

Work of hands and hearts

In Swahili, mifuko means pocket, and we ensure no one is left with empty pockets. For the artisans in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tansania and Ghana it means fair pay, empowerment and less dependence on unpredictable farming as a source of income. We are guided by our core values in everything we do: unique, joyful and socially responsible. With timeless design and high-quality materials, we want our products to bring joy for a long time and at the end of their lifecycle they can be recycled in an environmentally friendly. Just as every one of our artisans is unique so are the products he or she makes.

Watch the Story of Mifuko

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Learn more about Mifuko, who we are and how we do business in a way that everyone wins.

Story of two friends

Mifuko was founded in 2009 by two Finnish designers. From the beginning, they were inspired to combine modern design with traditional Kenyan handcraft and fair trade! 

Story of over 1000 artisans

To shed light to the stories of the people behind the products, each Mifuko product carries the name of the artisan who made it. Get to know our artisans in Kenya.

Blog: Mifuko Stories

Our blogs tell about the things that matter to us raising topics that we find important, such as sustainable fashion and home décor, empowerment of women in developing countries and the fight against climate change.


Collaboration gives us opportunities to extend our reach and impact through the skills and resources of others, while also providing new outlets for our own creativity.

Happier future is made by hand

We in Mifuko believe that slow consumption, fair trade, and handmade products are essential for building a happier future for us all.

10 principles of fair trade

Mifuko is a proud member of World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), the highly regarded global community of social enterprises that practice Fair Trade.

Radically sustainable

We are proud to call ourselves supporters of radical sustainability that advocates and supports autonomous development, indigenous movements, women’s rights, social justice and green practices. 

Sustainability report 2020

Mifuko is determined to be a part of building a better, sustainable future. Read our latest sustainability report to learn about the impact of our business from social, financial, and environmental aspects.

Mifuko Trust

Mifuko Trust was founded in 2012 as a non-profit organization to improve the welfare of the artisan’s communities and fight against poverty. Trust has launched different types of projects, all initiated by the locals, such as purchasing sun energy lamps and rainwater tanks. 

Women are the pillars of the society and having more women in leadership creates more diversity in perspectives to the table to ensure more effective business discussions and solutions.
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Depending on the size of the basket and the experience of the artisan it takes between half a day and two days to weave a basket. Once the basket is complete, the ends of the baskets are trimmed with scissors, which have also been donated to the artisans by the Finnish homeware company Fiskars. Each basket is marked with the name of the artisan who weaved it, and its journey from the warehouse to Finland and from there to resellers and into the customers’ homes begins.
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The plastic used in Mifuko's baskets is surplus and recycled plastic. The baskets are highly durable, so the carbon footprint of the plastic is minimal.
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