Corporate responsibility expert Eva Nilsson introduces herself

Corporate responsibility expert Eva Nilsson introduces herself

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Eva believes in the potential for Mifuko Trust to develop and grow

Due to work-related duties, Eva Nilsson is currently on pause from Mifuko Trust and will return during 2024.  

I am a member of the board of Mifuko Trust, and I have been involved in the WASH and Grow! project since the very beginning. I compiled the project plan for the first phase by gathering ideas from Mifuko's women's groups in Kenya, Mifuko's founders Minna and Mari, as well as using my own expertise and networks in development cooperation and development policy. I have been a member of the project steering group since its inception.
In the past years, I have been doing a PhD at the Hanken School of Economics. Previously, I worked as a development policy expert for organizations in Finland, Tanzania, and Brussels. My doctoral thesis focuses on the positioning of global south states towards corporate responsibility practised by western companies, with Tanzania and the UN being my research contexts. After finishing my PhD, I recently started work at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as a diplomat.

Eva develops and learns

With my extensive experience in development cooperation, development policy, and corporate responsibility, I support Mifuko Trust in developing and expanding its operations. In my work at Mifuko Trust, I get to observe at the grassroots level how corporate responsibility works when a small fair trade certified company grows its social role in rural Kenya. This allows me to learn a lot, which is a good balance to my research, where I examine the responsibility of large multinational companies in the Global South. As I have no expertise in sanitation, construction, or biodiversity-promoting farming methods, I am constantly learning about these topics through the WASH and Grow! project and its partners.

Collaborative and egalitarian approach motivates 

At Mifuko Trust, we work with an open, kind, egalitarian, and collaborative approach, and we always strive for justice. I believe that Mifuko Trust has a lot of potential to significantly impact the lives of thousands of people (women!). As Mifuko Ltd. expands its operations to different parts of Africa, I believe that Trust can also expand its operations to different parts of Kenya and other countries.

Sustaining life by Eva

Sustaining life to me means the strive for low emissions and the protection of biodiversity, which I strive to do in my own and my family's life. I also promote this in the implementation of WASH and Grow! and all societal activities I engage in. In addition, I believe that sustaining life means just and equitable co-living among all people.

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