Project Manager in Kenya Peter Manyolo introduces himself

Project Manager in Kenya Peter Manyolo introduces himself

Self-motivated and resourceful team player is one of our key actors in Makueni
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Peter utilizes his professional experience and skills in WASH and Grow! project 

I am a self-motivated, result-oriented team player who holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from Kenyatta University. I possess vast skills and hands-on practical experience of 8 years in implementation of community programs geared towards improving lives.  I have the ability to offer solutions to challenges faced in the work environment. I aspire to utilize my professional experience and skills in transforming lives for a resilient community.

Technical supporter of a women’s grassroots level organisation

In day-to-day project activities in Kenya I work with Mifuko Women Development CBO, a community-based organization founded in 2021, that brings together 40 women’s groups here in Makueni, also working with Mifuko Ltd.  Mifuko Women Development CBO is the local implementing partner of WASH and Grow! project (2021-2026). My role is to provide technical support to the CBO for ensuring that the intended objectives and impacts are realized towards improving the lives of women and their families. 
I work weekly together with my colleague in Finland, Project Manager Anita Lintula and on a monthly basis with the steering committee of WASH and Grow! When I need the expert support of the members of the steering group, I am in contact with them when necessary. 

Motivated by a woman-oriented approach

I am motivated by the fact that the project has a special focus to women who are the key drivers of families and the society at large.  This inspires me because I believe that whatever I do in the project has a far-reaching impact on the entire household - a touch to a woman is a touch to the whole household. Implementation of the project presents opportunities to develop and learn new ideas. This is another source of motivation in project work. 

Sustaining life by Peter

Sustaining life means ensuring improvement in the quality of life of a person or persons. I do this in my everyday life by providing for my family (my lovely wife and children) and by supporting my siblings a bit to ensure their welfare is improved. Also I sustain life by participating in initiatives aimed at supporting the less fortunate in society. At project level, I sustain life on my daily activities as all the project interventions are geared towards achieving a positive impact on the people we serve. For instance, an improvement on sanitation and hygiene standards means an improvement in quality of life. 

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