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Mifuko's wonderful baskets help you organise your home and to find the right place for everything from small toys to pillows.


We believe that a happier future is made by hand.


We have committed to putting people and planet first in everything we do. 


Our ornaments have been handcarved from fallen jacaranda tree branches.


Our candle holders are handmade and create the perfect ambiance.


Learn more about our work in Kenya.

Mifuko is a proud member of World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), the highly regarded global community of social enterprises that practice Fair Trade. WFTO members must demonstrate they put people and the planet first, adhering to the WFTO Fair Trade Principles.

Mifuko Trust is a non-profit organisation founded in 2012 to further support the social mission of Mifuko Oy in the rural region of eastern Kenya. Mifuko Trust sees that empowering women is an effective way of helping communities as a whole. Through donations and projects, Mifuko Trust improves the quality of life of artisans and communities.


Through donations and projects, our mission is to:

▪ Improve the livelihood and wellbeing of women in rural Kenya
▪ Support sustainable development in the region
▪ Exchange know-how and promote local handicraft traditions across international borders


Mifuko Trust works with over two dozen self-help groups, reaching approximately 1,300 low-income families. Families have five members on average, so the Trust directly and positively impacts the lives of some 6,500 women, men and children in the region. Mifuko Trust is a fully independent organisation. Through private and institutional funding, Mifuko Trust works with partners in Finland, Kenya and beyond to implement projects and other initiatives. 


Mifuko Trust works with four partners in the WASH and Grow! project. We are open to new partnerships with shared goals. Here you can read more about our current partners.


The Mifuko Women’s Development CBO (MWD) is a non-governmental organisation formed and registered in 2021 as a community-based organization (CBO) under Kenyan law. The MWD operates in the rural areas of Kitete and Tulimani in Mbooni sub-county of Makueni county, Kenya. The CBO consists of 26 self-help groups. These are groups of female artisans who have been weaving baskets for Mifuko Oy since 2009.

The core goal of the organisation is to provide an avenue for collaboration with other like-minded individuals and organisations to carry out community development initiatives that contribute towards building a resilient local society. The MWD is a key partner for Mifuko Trust and helps implement projects like WASH and Grow!.


Mifuko Trust’s projects rely upon Mifuko Oy’s ‘infrastructure’ in Kenya. Mifuko Oy has naturally close ties to the project as the women of the self-help groups have business relations with the company as artisanal kiondo basket makers. The founders of Mifuko Oy, Mari Martikainen and Minna Impiö, will be personally part of the implementation through site visits, ongoing contacts with people in the area and so on. Minna and Mari are members of the steering group of WASH and Grow! as well.


Sari Laurila from GDTF is an advisor to the WASH and Grow! project. GDTF took part in the planning of the pilot phase and WASH and Grow!project. GDTF supports implementation of the project by providing instructions and guidance and by taking part of the final evaluation of the project. GDTF is also organising a peer visit from Zambia; GDTF partner Zambia Green Living Movement’s representatives will visit Makueni and meet with the ambassadors to share experiences about ecological sanitation and raising awareness. Sari is a member of the steering committee of WASH and Grow!.


Ukumbi ry is represented by Vilma Autio, who is an advisor to the WASH and Grow! project. Vilma Autio was the architect of the pilot toilets and participated in their construction. She supports the implementation phase of the project hrough annual training and continues to develop the toilet concept throughout the project. Vilma is a member of the steering committee of WASH and Grow!.

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Self-motivated and resourceful team player is one of our key actors in Makueni
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Wash and Grow!

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