Wash and Grow! project is on track!

Wash and Grow! project is on track!

Mifuko Trust’s Wash and Grow! was launched in January 2021. In this blog we will share news and our achievements so far this year.
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Wash and Grow! project is on track!

Author Anita Lintula
Mifuko Trust’s first government funded project, Wash and Grow! was launched in January 2021. In this blog we will share news and our achievements so far this year.

You are welcome to read more about this and the team in our other Mifuko’s blogs that provide more background on the work of Mifuko Trust:  benefits of dry toilets, an interview of Dorcas Mueni before soap-making training, an interview with two inspiring women and an interview with Dorcas after the soap-making training.
Progress on building dry toilets
Peter Manyolo, Project Manager in Kenya, provided an update on the progress of building 13 toilets that are planned to be completed in 2021. Peter was also pleased to report that the 4-man construction team have been working very well together.

Four dry toilets are ready for use and another four have a few finishing touches to be completed by the beneficiaries such as painting, installing doors and rails. Another two toilets are currently under construction. The materials for the remaining three have just been ordered so they can be finished before the rainy season in October.

Pictured here is Dorcas Mueni’s new toilet. Dorcas also participated in the soap-making training program in June.


Dorcas Mueni’s new toilet

A toilet built for Lucia Peter, a member of one of Mifuko’s women’s groups, is shown here.

Training in hygiene and soap-making

So far this year, 16 of the 26 Mifuko women’s groups have been trained in soap-making and hygiene in cooperation with local health officials. You can find photos and videos of these training sessions on Instagram and Facebook.  After the training is complete, the participants are given the necessary materials so they can continue to practice their new skill during their regular meetings and at home. The purpose of this Wash and Grow! program is to train women to make liquid soap for everyday use, which helps them avoid cross-contamination and improve the health and well-being of themselves and their families.  

Awareness raising and networking

Wash and Grow! project has been truly fortunate to find a project management professional and committed person to manage the project in Kenya. Peter lives in the area and knows the local language and community. During his time as project manager, he has been actively networking with local health officials and is committed to raising awareness of ecological sanitation amongst Mifuko’s 26 women’s groups involved in the project. He has also supported the women in organising themselves and registering as a community-based organisation, Mifuko Women Development CBO.

Finnish team visits the project

At the end of September Anita Lintula, the project coordinator in Finland supporting Peter’s work in Kenya, and board member and architect Vilma Autio will visit the project. Board members and founders of Mifuko, Minna Impiö and Mari Martikainen, and Katja Kantola, CEO of Mifuko, will participate in the activities as well. The team will visit all the newly constructed toilets and meet the representatives of Mifuko Women Development CBO.  A small-scale event is planned to take place in Makueni following the visit. The Covid19 situation will be watched carefully, and all precautions will be taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

A warm thank you for your interest and support for this project.


A toilet built for Lucia Peter