Following fair trade principles, Mifuko has been employing women in the rural villages of Kenya since 2009. We pride ourselves on the design and creation of high quality products that are handmade by skilful Kenyan artisans.

Handmade Kiondo baskets are the cornerstone of our selection

Weaving Kiondo baskets is a traditional Kenyan handicraft. The women who weave baskets for Mifuko work in the so-called self-help groups that come together to weave and provide social and financial support. The main livelihood for most of our basket weavers is farming, where they produce food for their own needs as well as for sale. Women weave the baskets the most during the dry seasons when there is more time to make handicrafts. Making baskets doesn't require any investments from them - skilled hands are enough and Mifuko takes care of materials and logistics.

Mifuko has expanded its operations to other countries as well. Products are made using local traditional weaving techniques, e.g. the Iringa region of Tanzania and the Bolgatonga region of Ghana.

Mifuko helps artisans invest in their workshops, find employment and develop their skills, and also facilitates the transfer of traditional craftsmanship to younger artisans. Get to know our artisans

Locally-sourced materials

All materials we use are locally-sourced from local producers. We use mainly sisal, palm tree leaves, wood and leather in our collections.

We are especially proud of using recycled food-grade plastic in our Kiondo basket and bag collection. Using recycled plastic with sisal creates a durable, slightly water-resistant material and an interesting surface on the baskets.

We continuously look for new materials that create beautiful, long-lasting, high-quality products. Read more about the materials used in our collections

Sustainable quality

Our products are designed to last for a long time, even tens of years. To ensure a long life for your products, please read the product care instructions. We created a separate page for baskets, where you can find more information about how to store, shape, and clean our baskets. Read more about product care.

The products in the Kiondo, Iringa and Bolga collections are made using traditional weaving techniques, which makes the products very durable. We also test all the materials we use to make sure they meet our quality requirements.

Our products are suitable for many different uses both indoors and outdoors: the bag can act as a basket and the small handle basket as a bag, the basket can be used as a flower pot protection or storage basket, and all the bags and baskets with handles are good shopping bags. Only your imagination is the limit.

Let us tell you more about the meaning of sustainability at Mifuko!