Following Fair Trade principles we have been employing women in the rural villages of Kenya since 2009. We pride ourselves with high quality design articles that are all handmade by skilful Kenyan artisans.

Handmade baskets and bags by true artisans

Our baskets and bags are created by using traditional weaving skills and the knowledge of weaving passes from one generation to another. Mifuko is now employing 650 women and we aim to see the next generation of artisans being part of our Mifuko family.

We have collected stories about our artisans to let them tell you their story.

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Locally sources materials

All materials we use are locally sourced from local producers. We use mainly sisal, palm tree leaves, wood and leather in our collections.

We are especially proud of using recycled food grade plastic in our Kiondo basket and bag collection. Using recycled plastic with sisal creates a durable, slightly water resistant material and an interesting surface to the baskets.

We continuously look for new materials that create beautiful and long lasting design articles of high quality.

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Taking care of your bag or basket is easy!

Sustainable quality

Our products are designed to last for a long time, even tens of years.

The traditional weaving technique used in our Kiondo and Turkana collections by itself creates a solid foundation for a long lasting product. In addition we carefully test all the materials we use to ensure they meet our quality requirements. 

We embrace sustainability in our timeless designs. Our products fit into many different interiors and rooms, even outdoors. 

Most of our products also have many purposes; a wooden bird can decorate your Christmas tree and later on be used to decorate your bag.  

Let us tell you more about the meaning of sustainability at Mifuko!