White and brown basket 50/50 with handles XXL


Weaving together timeless Nordic design and traditional Kenyan handcraft, our extra large basket is perfect for storing just about anything - use it as a toy basket, a laundry basket or even to store sleeping bags and life vests on a boat. The extra large baskets are also excellent to store your bedspread during the night. Each unique item is the work of hands and hearts: beautiful, extremely durable and easy to keep clean.

Material: Paper and sisal with short leather handles.

We are a certified member of World Fair Trade organization and each of our basket is signed by the artisan.

In Swahili, kiondo means basket.

Kiondo baskets - and bags - are a Kenyan tradition, woven with a special traditional technique. Each piece is handmade by skilled women in rural villages - our Team Kenya. Their knowledge of weaving has been passed down from generation to generation. 

The core idea behind Mifuko is in its name: in Swahili, ‘mifuko’ means pocket. With Mifuko, everyone is left with something valuable in their pocket. For the artisans in Kenya, it’s fair pay, empowerment, and less dependence on unpredictable farming as a source of income.

For Mifuko customers (that’s you!), it’s a unique piece that weaves together classic Nordic design, traditional Kenyan handcraft, and the story of a strong, independent woman whose signature you can find on the label.


All our products are handmade and unique as well as very eco-friendly, achieved by using locally sourced natural fibres, paper, wood, leather and either recycled or upcycled plastic in our products.

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Tote bag M and L

As each bag is handmade the size and shape may vary. The basket diameter and/or height may be about 3 cm / 1.2" smaller or larger than indicated in the size chart below.

Two short leather handles 33 cm / 13". Vegetable tanned leather colour may vary and be slightly different from what is shown in the product images. 

M 30 cm / 11.8" 28 cm / 11"
L 35 cm / 13.8" 40 cm / 15.7"


Tote bags can be used as baskets are well.

Kiondo collection bags size M and L

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