Introducing Mifuko Women Development CBO's New Board

Introducing Mifuko Women Development CBO's New Board

The new board of our partner organization, Mifuko Women Development CBO, was elected in 2024. The board members value women's empowerment and working as a team to achieve positive change in their communities.

Introducing women's grassroots organization

The new board elected in January of the Mifuko Women Development Community-Based Organization (CBO), established in 2021, brings together 8 dedicated women from various women’s groups. As the CBO acts as the umbrella organization for the self-help groups collaborating with Mifuko Trust, the CBO serves as one of the main partners for our projects. 

Thoughts of the new board

During Mifuko Trust's February project monitoring trip, we discussed the plans, motivation, and challenges with the new board. The board members recognize the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving their goals and are highly motivated to work together. They acknowledge challenges, such as effectively spreading information to communities. Sometimes changes and decisions of the CBO are not quickly embraced by the communities.

Nevertheless, the board remains committed to promoting women's empowerment and economic stability within their communities. They place particular emphasis on the impactful activities of their respective women's groups as well as the transformative effect of Mifuko Trust projects in sanitation and agroforestry, which all elevate the well-being, livelihoods, and living standards of the women and foster stronger community bonds.

The new board of the CBO and the previous chairwoman Jane with Mifuko Trust project workers Peter, Anita and Jacinta

What empowers the members?

Women empowerment, to the members of the new board, encompasses various facets, including financial independence and decision-making autonomy. Through women’s engagement with weaving for Mifuko and taking part in Mifuko Trust's projects, they have found avenues for economic advancement, social cohesion, and personal growth. By weaving they are able to generate extra income that is then invested into other activities. Agroforestry offers further income opportunities through selling tree seedlings and fruit.

Future aspirations 

Looking ahead, the board is determined to continue its efforts in ending open defecation, expanding access to better sanitation facilities, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. They aim to address community needs while nurturing sustainable development, driven by a shared vision of positive change and the collective strength of their members.

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