Use of donations

We need your help to continue in our efforts to support women and communities in rural Kenya. Private donations are critical to scale the projects’ impact. Most of our funding comes from the institutional donors, at the moment the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. However we need minimum 7,5 percent of the funding to come from private donors and minimum 7,5 is voluntary work contribution. With the donations we are able to scale the project activities and strengthen the sustainability of the results. 

WASH & Grow! funding

Wash & Grow! funding comes from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland around 60%, from private donors around 30 %. Around 10 percent of the funding is voluntary work.  

Allocation of funds

The budget is allocated in the following way: 85 percent is used for the project activities in Kenya which includes the technical  support from Finland and 15 percent is used for administrational costs in Finland that includes fundraising and general administration of Mifuko Trust. 

Monitoring of funds

The use of the project budget is monitored rigorously, following the guidelines of The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. We closely monitor both the use of funds and the effectiveness of our work. Our audit process is thorough. The audit is carried out annually by Tilimerkono Ltds, who also audit the activity report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the fundraising statement to the Police Board.

Additional information

See our Action Plan 2024 and Board of Directors Report 2023 below: