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Mifuko baskets are also suitable for bathrooms! Our larger baskets are extra spacious and ideal for laundry baskets. You can make laundry day much easier by using them to separate clothes by colour before filling the washing machine. Our baskets are available in neutral colours that will fit in well with most bathroom aesthetics. Smaller basket sizes are perfect for storing bathroom accessories such as hairbrushes, combs and lotion bottles. If you have several family members living in your home, each can have a separate basket with a different colour or pattern to separate and organise their belongings.

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Read more about the ten fair trade principles that every WFTO member organisation must follow.


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Mifuko Trust

Mifuko Trust was founded to tackle poverty and increase the well-being of our artisans.

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Mifuko's commitment to sustainability continues

Mifuko's commitment to sustainability continues

Our goal is to contribute to solving the issues humanity faces, such as poverty, gender inequality and loss of biodiversity.
From the artisans’ hands to your home

From the artisans’ hands to your home

The journey of Mifuko’s baskets from the artisans' hands in rural Kenya to your home, begins with you. 
Women in leadership at Mifuko

Mifuko's women leaders in Kenya embrace equity

Three inspiring women in leadership positions at Mifuko's Kenyan team talk about their experiences as women in the work force and what it means to #EmbraceEquity.