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Investing together with rural women in sustainable solutions, such as dry toilets, water tanks and growing local tree varieties we tackle the challenges in local communities related to the availability of clean water, proper sanitation, and fertile farmland. Training local ambassadors and sanitation champions is a crucial part of this effort; they play a key role in promoting sanitation and sustainability within their communities.

42 dry toilets constructed

18 782 trees growing

146 water tanks acquired

We have trained

  • 26 sanitation ambassadors
  • 60 Community-led Total Sanitation Champions
  • 41 agroforestry ambassadors
  • 40 sewers of reusable sanitary pads
  • 8 dry toilet constructors
  • 820 women in hygiene and soapmaking
  • Over 600 women, girls, boys and men to break stigma around menstruation and ideate for menstrual hygiene improvement
  • 705 school children in proper handwashing techniques (Global Handwashing Day)

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Latest articles

Elina Sipilä Concludes Her Intership at Mifuko Trust

Elina Sipilä Concludes Her Intership at Mifuko Trust

Elina was impressed by grassroots activism in Kenya and got to apply her studies in practice.
Women and men standing under a tent in Kenya

Introducing chairperson Minna Impiö

Minna Impiö, co-founder of Mifuko company and Mifuko Trust, emphasizes comprehensive corporate responsibility, partnerships with experts, and the urgency of enhancing biodiversity.
Introducing Our Agroforestry Ambassador Mwende Mutisya

Introducing Our Agroforestry Ambassador Mwende Mutisya

Mwende is one of 41 agroforestry ambassadors trained in 2023. The group participated in an inspiring refresher training in May 2024.