Anna Puu hugging a door with a Mifuko Trust and Mifuko Women Development CBO sign

Introducing Our Agroforestry Ambassador Anna Puu

As an Agroforestry Ambassador since 2023, Anna is committed to raising awareness about Mifuko Trust's projects in Kenya. 

In 2022, Anna Puu met Mari Martikainen, one of the founders of Mifuko, and heard about Mifuko Trust's work for the first time. The encounter sparked enthusiasm, and she decided to get involved in the organization. Since 2023, Anna has been one of the Agroforestry Ambassadors of Mifuko Trust. She sees that her mission as Agroforestry Ambassador is to spread awareness about Mifuko Trust's project work and its impacts in Kenya to a wider audience.

Anna graduated with a master's degree from Turku School of Economics, specializing in corporate environmental responsibility. She had plans to volunteer in Brazil to protect rainforests, but the plan did not work out. Professionally, Anna is a singer-songwriter, but environmental and forest conservation remain close to her heart. In 2009, she was selected as the Forest Patron (“metsäkummi”) of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, and now Anna acts as Mifuko Trust's Agroforestry Ambassador.

Anna Puu taking a selfie on a field trip in Kenya with Mifuko Trust

Agroforestry and knowledge sharing as motivation

Anna finds the agroforestry philosophy particularly inspiring. She is excited about how the positive impacts on nature and people quickly become apparent through tree planting. In 2023, during a field trip with Mifuko Trust, Anna got to witness the work done in collaboration with partners like the World Agroforestry Centre/ICRAF to improve agriculture. Improving food security for families is important to Anna, as well as providing information and support to women and communities. This is crucial in Mifuko Trust's projects.

How does Anna sustain life?

For Anna, sustaining life is particularly manifested through parenthood: sustaining life is a broad concept, involving both shared responsibility and sustainable living, taking into account future generations. In her daily life, Anna strives to make sustainable choices and evaluate her own decisions and actions, while being aware of her privileges in the global world. At Mifuko Trust, Anna sees sustaining life as tangible grassroots work that supports positive impacts in local communities and reaches a large number of people in a relatively small area. Anna hopes that knowledge spreads and that small streams grow into something significant. Anna wants to be involved in spreading knowledge as Mifuko Trust's Agroforestry Ambassador.

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