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Support the work of WASH and Grow! in Makueni, Kenya by purchasing an intangible, ethical gift.  If you would like to send an electronic thank you card to the recipient of the gift, you can send a request to info@mifukotrust.org 

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15 €

Support tree planting by women artisans

20 €

Support hygiene & soap making training

90 €

Support the purchase of water tanks

130 €

Support building an ecological dry toilet

300-500 €

Proceeds from the photo print go to Mifuko Trust

Join us in empowering women, girls and communities in rural Kenya

Mifuko Trust is a charity that promotes the livelihoods and well-being of women and communities in rural southeast Kenya. Through our women's self-help groups, our work reaches more than 1,300 women and their families - over 6,500 people. You can follow our work on Mifuko Trust blog, Instagram and Facebook.  Below you can find a video about the project WASH and Grow!

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Benefits and use of ecological fertilizer

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Providing Essential Water Tanks

Providing Essential Water Tanks

In the month of April, a new and impactful initiative took root, propelled by our valued implementing partner, MWD CBO—a grassroots organization dedicated to women's empowerment. 
Corporate responsibility expert Eva Nilsson introduces herself

Corporate responsibility expert Eva Nilsson introduces herself

Eva believes in the potential for Mifuko Trust to develop and grow Due to work-related duties, Eva Nilsson is currently on pause from Mifuko Trust and will return during 2024.   I am a member of t...
Women innovated lower-cost dry toilets

Women innovated lower-cost dry toilets

Community-led innovation is about ordinary people developing and testing solutions that benefit the whole community.