Mifuko Trust Partners

On this page you can read more about the five partners of Mifuko Trust in the WASH and Grow! project. Mifuko Trust is open to new partnerships, so if you are interested in working with us, please contact us. 


1. Mifuko Women Development CBO

Mifuko Women Development CBO (MWD) is a local community-based NGO based in Makueni, Kenya. MWD consists of 40 women self-help groups who are also business partners of Mifuko Ltd.  MWD is implementing the WASH and Grow! project in partnership with the Mifuko Trust. 

2. Mifuko Ltd.

Mifuko, a fair trade company founded in 2009, and Mifuko Trust work closely together. The women's self-help groups at the heart of Mifuko Trust's work produce kiondo baskets for Mifuko. Mifuko's founders Mari Martikainen and Minna Impiö monitor and support the implementation of the project through their visits to Kenya and from Finland.  

3. Ukumbi

Ukumbi Association provides architectural services to low-income communities and promotes sustainable construction. Architect Vilma Autio is the sustainable building and circular economy expert for the WASH and Grow! project.

4. Soilwatch

Soilwatch is a remote sensing and machine learning technology company that helps measure soil health and carbon content accurately and affordably. WASH and Grow! project will use Soilwatch's technology and expertise to monitor the results of the forest gardening component of the project. 

5. World Agroforestry/ICRAF

World Agroforestry has research expertise and extensive networks in the field of agroforestry. It has a number of participatory research-based tools in the areas of forest garden promotion and soil regeneration useful also in WASH and Grow! 


Contact details

Woman modelling Kiondo market basket from Mifuko's 5 Red Lines collection.



Hämeentie 130 A
00560 Helsinki, Finland

Business ID: 2744748-6

The Board of Directors

Minna Impiö (Chairperson)
Vilma Autio
Mari Martikainen
Henrik Suikkanen

Hand carved wooden bird ornament by Mifuko

Mifuko Trust staff

Project Manager in Finland 

Anita Lintula
+358 45 783 430 62

Project Manager in Kenya

Peter Manyolo
+254 713 874 752 

Project Officer in Kenya

Jacinta Peter

Mifuko Trust

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