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Mifuko Trust launches the WASH and grow! project

Social responsibility has been important in Mifuko from the beginning and Mifuko Trust was established to implement it. Mifuko Trust is a non-profit NGO founded in 2012.

This year we received great news, Mifuko Trust received a project support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for its WASH and Grow! project.

Project raises awareness about ecological sanitation and creates business opportunities out of it in rural parts of Kenya. The project contributes to healthier communities that have improved living conditions and livelihoods. It brings together a diverse group of actors: 24 women’s savings groups in Kenya, three Finnish NGOs and a company. The implementation of the project is done by women's groups and Mifuko Trust, supported by the expertise of the Global Dry Toilet Association (GDTF) and Ukumbi ry, expert in sustainable architecture.

The key development problems addressed by the project are poor WASH conditions and degrading soil that hampers small-scale farming.  These problems increase illness and undermine food security, leading to increased poverty and loss of livelihoods.

The project organises business skills training, workshops and trains 24 sanitation ambassadors. It construct 24 ecological dry toilets for demonstration. The project is planned to last 3 years during which it aims to create business opportunities around ecological sanitation.