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Mifukos wundervolle Körbe helfen Ihnen dabei, Ihr Zuhause zu organisieren und den richtigen Ort für alles zu finden, von kleinen Spielzeugen bis zu Kissen.

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Wir glauben, dass eine glücklichere Zukunft von Hand gemacht wird.


Wir haben uns verpflichtet, Menschen und Planeten in alles zu bringen, was wir tun.

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Mifukos Ornamente wurden aus gefallenen Jacaranda -Ästen mit Handgeschneide versehen.


Unsere Kerzenhalter sind handgefertigt und sorgen für das perfekte Ambiente.

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Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Arbeit in Kenia.

Mifuko ist stolzes Mitglied der World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), der hoch angesehenen globalen Gemeinschaft sozialer Unternehmen, die fairen Handel praktizieren. WFTO -Mitglieder müssen nachweisen, dass sie Menschen und den Planeten an erster Stelle setzen und sich an die Prinzipien der WFTO Fair Trade einhalten.

Women artisans in Kenya working with Mifuko.
Women artisans in Kenya working with Mifuko.

You can support the work of Mifuko trust's WASH and Grow! project in Makueni, Kenya by purchasing an intangible, ethical gift.  If you would like to send an electronic thank you card to the recipient of the gift, you can send a request to info@mifukotrust.org

Payment information:

Fundraising permit number: RA/2021/773

Mobile Pay: 34321

Mifuko Trust bank account: FI30 5722 4120 1489 19, OKOYFIHH.

Buy an ethical gift

Plant a tree, 15 €

Trees prevent erosion, improve soil quality and sequester carbon in the soil. Seedlings are grown by forest gardeners trained by WASH and Grow! 

The women's groups take care of planting and caring for the trees. The trees can be local varieties that provide shade or shelter from the wind, or fruit trees such as mango or banana. We monitor the survival of the trees and the impact of the tree planting with the support of experts. 

You can support tree planting by women artisans by donating one or more tree seedlings. The cost of planting and caring for a single tree is €15.

Hygiene & soap making training, 20 €

Good hygiene and sanitation can prevent many diseases common in rural Kenya, including diarrheal diseases.

In training organized by Wash and Grow!, women artisans learn about the importance of everyday hygiene and the benefits of eco-sanitation. They also learn how to make soap for home use and for sale. Through the women, good practices are spread to the family and community. 

You can support a woman artisan by donating to her training.  The cost of one training is €20

Ecological dry toilet, 130 €

Ecological dry toilets produce low-cost ecological fertilizer instead of waste. No water and sewage system is needed to flush the faeces. Faeces are not flushed from dry toilets into drinking water, which prevents diarrheal diseases. Dry toilets can be built closer to residential areas which prevents sexual harassment and violence against girls and women. 

The donation will allow us to purchase approximately one third of the building materials and skilled labour to build an ecological dry latrine for a rural Kenyan family. The owner of the latrine will contribute to the cost and construction. 

You can support a woman artisan to build a dry toilet for her family with €130.

Why are donations needed and how are they used?

We need your help to continue in our efforts to support women and communities in rural Kenya. Private donations are critical to scale the projects’ impact. Most of our funding comes from the institutional donors, at the moment the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. 

However, we need minimum 7.5 % of the funding to come from private donors and voluntary work contribution. With the donations we are able to scale the project activities and strengthen the sustainability of the results.

WASH & Grow! funding

Wash & Grow! funding comes in 2023 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland 77%, from private donors, 22% and 7.5 percent of the funding is voluntary work. 

Allocation of funds

The budget is allocated in the following way: 85 % is used for the project activities in Kenya which includes the technical support from Finland and 15 % is used for administrational costs in Finland that includes fundraising and general administration of Mifuko Trust. 

Monitoring of funds

The use of the project budget is monitored rigorously, following the guidelines of The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. We closely monitor both the use of funds and the effectiveness of our work. Our audit process is thorough. The audit is carried out annually by Tilimerkono Ltds, who also audit the activity report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the fundraising statement to the Police Board.

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