Dorcas learns to make soap

Dorcas learns to make soap

Dorcas attended training on hygiene and soap-making organized by Wash and Grow! Project. Here, we interview her about her experience.
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Dorcas learns to make soap

Authors Anita Lintula and Peter Manyolo


In May we interviewed Dorcas Mueni on her daily hygiene facilities, the previous interview can be read here: soap making class. Since then, Dorcas attended training on hygiene and soap-making organised by Wash and Grow! Project in June. We interviewed her again to learn about her experience and wishes for future training.

1. Did you learn something new in the training? What was the most inspiring part?
The training was good and fruitful. I know how to make liquid soap.

2. Do you do something differently in the field of daily hygiene after the training?
I had been buying liquid soap from vendors which is a bit expensive. I had never made soap at home before. I plan to do it from now on as the procedure is simple. Materials are also available in our local shopping centres. This will ensure that soap will always be available for hand washing as well as for other uses at home.

3. Do you have any wishes for future training? What would you like to learn?
I wish that in future we are trained on how to make effective hand washing facilities. This will reduce disease transmission.


Dorcas Mueni