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By organizing training sessions and investing together with rural women in sustainable solutions, such as dry toilets, we aim to tackle the challenges in local communities related to the availability of clean water, proper sanitation, and fertile farmland. Training local ambassadors and sanitation champions is a crucial part of this effort; they play a key role in promoting sanitation and sustainability within their communities.

42 dry toilets have been constructed

14 381 tree seedlings have been planted by artisans

146 water tanks have been acquired with artisan women


We have organized multiple training events…

  • 820 women trained in hygiene and soapmaking
  • Over 600 individuals (also boys and men) involved in ideation for
    menstrual hygiene improvement
  • 705 school children participated in Global Handwashing Day activities 

…and trained local ambassadors and champions to enhance sustainability

  • 26 sanitation ambassadors trained
  • 60 Community-led Total Sanitation Champions trained
  • 41 agroforestry ambassadors trained

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Empowering Communities through Sanitation Champions

Empowering Communities through Sanitation Champions

In the ongoing journey towards improved sanitation, 60 dedicated Sanitation Champions have been trained by WASH and Grow! project, each playing a vital role in empowering their respective communities.