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Are you looking for ideas for storage or home decoration? We hope that we can give some inspiration for your home!

Clearing out clutter is an effective way to make a space feel larger and more peaceful. Mifuko baskets are perfect for storage and organisation, and we have a wide range of storage baskets in different styles, colours and sizes. Perfect for when you want to get everything neatly organised!

Sometimes even the little details can make a big difference. Our handmade candle holders, ornaments and lampshades are not only practical, but create a lovely ambiance in a room.

Handcrafted Mifuko products provide flexible and safe work for over 1,300 artisans in Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania. By choosing a Mifuko product, you support the artisan who made it and contribute to the well-being of their communities.

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Mifuko Trust

Mifuko Trust was founded to tackle poverty and increase the well-being of our artisans.

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In 2023, Mifuko Women Development Community-based Organisation initiated a project to procure 41 essential water tanks for Mifuko Trust’s agroforestry ambassadors. One of the beneficiaries is Eunic...
Weaving a friendship

Weaving a friendship

On this Valentine’s Day, we share the heartwarming story of Anna and Ruth, brought together by shared passions and unwavering support for one another.
Mifuko 15 years: Under the mango tree

Mifuko 15 years: Under the mango tree

This is the story of how the idea for Mifuko came about. It all started in Kenya, where Kiondo basket weaving is a traditional craft.