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Legal company address: Hämeentie 130 A, 00560 Helsinki, Finland

Address for returns: Hämeentie 155 B 55, 00560 Helsinki, Finland

Customer service tel: + 358 50 470 3829

Customer service email: shop[at]

VAT ID: FI22522395

Showroom & outlet

Our showroom and outlet is Hämeentie 130 A, 00560 Helsinki, Finland.

Our showroom/outlet is open for special events and we always announce them in advance here on our website and in social media.

How to find us

Mifuko showroom/outlet: Hämeentie 130A, 00560 Helsinki

Mifuko's showroom is located in a white wooden villa in Arabia, in the park opposite the Iittala & Arabia Centre.

Our showroom is open for special events only.

Work of hands and hearts

Mifuko is a Finnish design company with a mission to bring joy to our customers while improving the welfare of women in rural areas of Africa. Mifuko baskets, bags and home décor products are made by more than 1,300 women artisans in rural Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana, and sold in over 30 countries.

10 principles

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Mifuko Trust

Mifuko Trust was founded to tackle poverty and increase the well-being of our artisans.

Mifuko Blog

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In 2023, Mifuko Women Development Community-based Organisation initiated a project to procure 41 essential water tanks for Mifuko Trust’s agroforestry ambassadors. One of the beneficiaries is Eunic...
Weaving a friendship

Weaving a friendship

On this Valentine’s Day, we share the heartwarming story of Anna and Ruth, brought together by shared passions and unwavering support for one another.
Mifuko 15 years: Under the mango tree

Mifuko 15 years: Under the mango tree

This is the story of how the idea for Mifuko came about. It all started in Kenya, where Kiondo basket weaving is a traditional craft.