Mifuko’s baskets are versatile

Mifuko’s baskets are versatile

Mifuko is committed to designing baskets that are both beautiful and multifunctional! Our baskets are sustainable, handwoven and durable. 

Mifuko is committed to designing baskets that are both beautiful and multifunctional! The neutral colours of our baskets ensure that they fit in well with most aesthetics. Our baskets can be used as extra storage solutions, plant pot covers, shopping companions, fashion accessories and so much more.  

Our baskets are sustainable, handwoven and durable. They are food safe and safe to use around young children. Explore your creativity by mixing and matching different basket sizes, colours and materials to create a beautiful and unique space for relaxation. 


Our smaller baskets fit easily on any shelf, dresser or desk and are great for organising the smaller items within the home that tend to clutter up. These baskets can be used in the kitchen to organize cutlery, store fruit, vegetables and snacks, and as planter covers for your little herb pots. They are perfect for storing bathroom accessories such as hairbrushes, combs and lotion bottles. Smaller baskets can be used to store smaller toys like legos, chargers, pencils, markers, notebooks, coins and keys.  

Our medium-sized baskets can be used to organise larger food items and transport recyclable materials to the collection centre. You can use them to hold books and board games for easy access. Accessories such as gloves, scarves or mittens are easy to misplace. Our medium sized baskets can keep your knitwear safe and organised. Medium baskets are also a handy way to store away shoes in the hallway.

Our larger baskets are extra spacious and are perfect as laundry baskets. These baskets are also perfect for storing bulky items such as large stuffed toys, blankets, bed spreads and pillows.  

While all our baskets can be used as plant pot covers, we have a hanging basket collection that is particularly great for this use!  Our range includes hanging baskets with a long leather strap or a small hoop to hang plants and flowers and create a unique green haven in your home. Mifuko baskets are well suited for outdoor use as they can withstand some moisture, rain and water.  

NOTE: When using the basket as a plant basket, place a saucer inside the basket before placing the plant in its pot inside the basket. 

Handwoven Mifuko basket bags with long or short handles are perfect for everyday use. They are great for shopping, the market, the beach, picnics or any occasion where you need a stylish and spacious bag. The leather straps make them easy to carry around, with plenty of room for essentials and new purchases.  


What is your favourite Mifuko basket collection and why?

Ruth: Pamba basket is my Favorite because the wool is soft and easy to clean. 

Jacinta: My favourite Mifuko basket collection is the Pamba baskets because the materials used to make them are ecological and less harmful to the environment. The wool used in the Pamba basket is upcycled therefore promoting circularity. 

Victoria: My favorite basket would be the brown paper Kiondo baskets as they are neutral and would match with any interior design of a house and if I decide to carry a shoulder bag from this collection it would not clash with my clothing.

In picture: Ruth Kalondu

Do you have some quick tips on how to use Mifuko's XL and XXL baskets to organise your home?  

Ruth: I would use the XXL basket for holding large items like blankets, bedsheets and Pillows. XL Baskets would be good for storing laundry before and after cleaning, and also storing heavy clothes like jumpers, jackets and Sweaters. 

Do you have some quick tips on how to use Mifuko's M and L baskets to organise your home? 

Jacinta: I think the medium and large baskets can be used in the kid's bedroom for organising and storing their toys to keep their room tidy and avoid clutter. 

In picture: Jacinta Masila

Do you have some quick tips on how to use Mifuko's XS and S baskets to organise your home? 

Victoria: In the kitchen, XS and S baskets can be used to store cutlery, fresh produce and pre-packed snacks and food items. These smaller baskets can also be used in the home office to store stationery and small accessories like phone chargers. In the bathroom, these little baskets can be used to store spare bar soaps and smaller shampoo bottles, makeup products like brushes, lipsticks and make up palettes, and small hand and face towels.

In picture: Victoria Ndile