Co-founder of Mifuko Mari Martikainen introduces herself

Co-founder of Mifuko Mari Martikainen introduces herself

Mari brings to Mifuko Trust and the WASH and Grow! project a strong connection to the region, as well as expertise in entrepreneurship and marketing, which helps advance the project's goals and promote sustainable living in Makueni and Machakos.
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Mari Martikainen is a member of the Mifuko Trust board and the steering group of the WASH And Grow! project. She holds a Master's degree in art and, together with Minna Impiö, co-founded Mifuko Ltd. Mari's expertise is closely tied to the Machakos and Makueni regions, which she has visited 30 times during Mifuko's 15 years of operation. Mari is a professional in sales and PR, bringing a business and marketing perspective to Mifuko Trust's activities. She also has practical experience  in ecological sanitation (composting toilets) and agriculture, which has been valuable in her work with the steering group.

Positive effects boost Mari’s motivation

Mari sees that through the WASH and Grow! project, she can contribute to the same goals that originally inspired Mari and the founding of Mifuko and Mifuko Trust. Mari wants to leverage her expertise and knowledge to empower the women and community members in Makueni and Machakos to realize their potential for improving their livelihoods and well-being. As Mari visits the field 1-2 times a year for her Mifuko work, she gets to witness the project's outcomes up close, making her a strong advocate for the project's positive effects. Establishing forest gardens is particularly close to her heart. She considers it essential that the project collects data on the impact of tree planting on soil and crop improvement in the area. 

Sustaining Life through Mari's Efforts

Sustaining life, for Mari, means making daily choices in favor of life, such as respecting the environment and people. Preserving soil as rich, diverse, and nutritious is a key means of adapting to the impacts of climate change. The WASH and Grow! project supports and strengthens the soil in the Machakos and Makueni regions, benefiting the local residents. Mari believes that education and the sharing of knowledge regarding environmental protection are crucial factors in sustaining life.

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