Jacinta leading a training on menstrual hygiene and management

Introducing Jacinta Peter, the Project Assistant of WASH and Grow!

Jacinta Peter, as the Project Assistant for the WASH and Grow!, plays a pivotal role in both the planning and execution of projects and in fostering close collaboration with women's groups in Kenya.
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Jacinta Kavata Peter, a key Project Assistant of WASH and Grow! project in Kenya plays a significant role in both the planning and implementation of the project.  In her multifaceted role, she actively supports the Project Manager in Kenya, but her focus, however, extends beyond administration to impactful work in the area of menstrual hygiene. She collaborates closely with women’s groups of Mifuko Women Development CBO, aiming to ensure safe menstrual hygiene practices for women and adolescent girls. This contributes not only to their physical well-being but also plays a significant role in breaking societal stigmas around menstrual hygiene and reducing missed school days.  

Jacinta has over 7 years of practical experience in community programs aimed at societal improvement. By profession, Jacinta is a social worker with a diploma in social work and community development. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Development Studies at Mount Kenya University.

Picture of Jacinta

Jacinta's motivation in WASH and Grow!

Jacinta's motivation is deeply rooted in the women-oriented nature of WASH and Grow! project. She is inspired by the organization's unwavering commitment to supporting women in their journey to thrive and enhance their and their families' overall well-being, and economic and social life. Her passion for working with women stems from a profound belief that recognizing women as the backbone of families and communities brings a catalyst for positive change on a broader scale: empowering a woman ripples through the entire community.

How does Jacinta sustain life?

For Jacinta sustaining life is a deeply personal commitment that is reflected in her everyday life. Meeting daily basic needs, paying school fees for her studies, and supporting her mother are integral parts of this commitment. Additionally, her involvement in youth groups, women's groups, and offering counseling showcases her dedication to the well-being of her community. In the context of Mifuko Trust and WASH and Grow!, Jacinta extends this commitment by ensuring that the project achieves its intended impacts at the grassroots level, leaving a lasting impact on people's lives. 

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