Providing Essential Water Tanks

Providing Essential Water Tanks

In the month of April, a new and impactful initiative took root, propelled by our valued implementing partner, MWD CBO—a grassroots organization dedicated to women's empowerment. 
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Empowering Communities for a Sustainable Future

In the month of April, a new and impactful initiative took root, propelled by our valued implementing partner, MWD CBO—a grassroots organization dedicated to women's empowerment. This endeavor, wholeheartedly endorsed by our project team, marked a significant step towards addressing a pressing need. Through the generous support of private donations, we were able to procure 41 essential water tanks for our agroforestry ambassadors, totaling 5,500 euros in cost. Valued at Kes. 18,000 each, these water tanks required a beneficiary contribution of Kes. 5,000, demonstrating their commitment to this vital cause.

As the calendar rolled into June, our project team engaged in comprehensive discussions with representatives from MWD. It was decided that this endeavor would continue to make waves of positive change. July witnessed the acquisition of an additional 25 water tanks. These beneficiaries were thoughtfully selected from their respective groups, and their contributions - Kes. 7500 each —testified to their investment in securing a more sustainable future. The project team played a pivotal role in raising awareness among group members, inspiring them to proactively save for their own tank purchases. As we move forward, the number of tanks acquired in the next cycle will be determined by the collective contributions of these dedicated members.

Watertanks serve a dual purpose

This collaboration holds immense significance, especially in the lead-up to the November-December rainy season. Mifuko Trust  is steadfast in its pursuit of obtaining a substantial number of rainwater collection tanks. These rainwater-collecting and storing tanks hold a dual purpose within the semi-arid Makueni region. Not only do they meet the imperative daily clean water requirements of households during arid stretches, but they also play a pivotal role in nurturing tree nurseries. By harnessing rainwater for irrigation, these tanks fortify the establishment and maintenance of vital green spaces, forest gardens, within the community. 

The image captured above resonates deeply with our mission. Lucia Peter, an esteemed chairperson representing women's self-help groups affiliated with MWD CBO, stands with Ruth Mwanza.  Ruth's ownership of a new water tank symbolizes far more than a physical possession; it's a beacon of resilience, sustainability, and community-driven change.

You can support our efforts

We are currently gathering donations to bolster the community's endeavors in ensuring access to vital water tanks. There are three distinct avenues through which you can contribute to our cause: you have the option to acquire a captivating photograph by Sanna Saastamoinen-Barrois, choose an ethical gift, or make a donation in an amount that resonates with you. Your support will undoubtedly make a meaningful difference.

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