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Mifuko's wonderful baskets help you organise your home and to find the right place for everything from small toys to pillows.


We believe that a happier future is made by hand.


We have committed to putting people and planet first in everything we do. 


Our ornaments have been handcarved from fallen jacaranda tree branches.


Our candle holders are handmade and create the perfect ambiance.


Learn more about our work in Kenya.

Mifuko is a proud member of World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), the highly regarded global community of social enterprises that practice Fair Trade. WFTO members must demonstrate they put people and the planet first, adhering to the WFTO Fair Trade Principles.

Mifuko Trust regularly monitors the needs and wishes of artisan women working with Mifuko Oy. New project ideas are developed and funds are raised for the projects through special events and institutional fundraising. The projects implemented by Mifuko Trust often include an element of training women and community members in business skills to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way.


Mifuko Trust’s first government-funded project WASH and Grow! was launched in the beginning of 2021. The project is a three-year undertaking to build ecological dry toilets and provide training in hygiene, sanitation and entrepreneurship for the communities of Makueni, south-east Kenya. The project is mainly funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. However, private donations are needed to cover the full scope of the project. If you would like to contribute to WASH and Grow!, please visit our donation page.

WASH and Grow! promotes the rights of communities to clean water, sanitation and livelihood with a special focus on women and girls. Ecological sanitation provides hygienic, sustainable methods for collecting human waste and producing composted, chemical-free fertilizer for farming. Ecological sanitation helps eliminate poverty by addressing some of the root causes: 

▪ Reducing risk of diseases caused by poor sanitation
▪ Producing cheap, ecological fertilizer for small farmers, improving food security and strengthening climate resilience
▪ Creating entrepreneurship opportunities in the area of ecological sanitation and related activities

WASH and Grow! is implemented in partnership with the Mifuko Women’s Development CBO, Mifuko Oy, the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland (GDTF) and Ukumbi (see Mifuko Trust's partners). The project also cooperates closely with the local administration of Makueni County. The WASH and Grow! steering group consists of representatives from Mifuko Trust, Mifuko Oy, GDTF, Ukumbi ry and the two project coordinators. The group meets once a month to follow the progress of the project and resolve implementation challenges that may arise. For more details about the project, please visit the project page.


Mifuko Trust has installed in the regions of Machakos and Makueni ten rain water collection tanks that help secure access to safe and clean water during dry seasons. This was made possible by donations to the Trust and a financial contribution from Mifuko Oy. This project is an on-going effort, and additional tanks will be installed as the need arises.


Mifuko offsets carbon emissions (mainly from shipping) by buying trees and donating them to Mifuko Trust. The Trust works with local self-help groups to determine what kinds of trees are needed, and the groups take care of planting the trees. These could be shade providing trees, or fruit-bearing trees such as mango or banana trees.

This ongoing cooperation started in 2019 when Mifuko Oy donated 600 trees. In 2020 an additional 600 trees were planted. After trees are planted, Mifuko Trust follows on how planted trees are growing as part of our check in with the self-help groups.

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Wash and Grow!

Our ecological sanitation project promoting health, food security and entrepreneurship.


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