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Water tanks

Rainwater collection tanks serve two purposes in the semi-arid region of Makueni: they meet the daily clean water needs of households during dry seasons and support the establishment and maintenance of tree nurseries.

With 90 euros, you will pay approximately half of the price of a 3000 litre water tank. The remaining amount will be covered by the family of the female artisan. It is important that the beneficiary is actively involved in the process. We have set up an account where women can save the remaining portion of the tank's price. Our goal is to provide seed money to all interested 1,300 female artisans for the acquisition of a water tank.

As as a reference to your payment you can write WATER TANK:​​

Mobile Pay: 34321​

Mifuko Trust bank account: FI30 5722 4120 1489 19, OKOYFIHH

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