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Our basket bags are ideal for picnic, shopping or just to style your outfit.


Our baskets and bags are created using traditional weaving methods.


We have committed to putting people and planet first in everything we do. 


Talented Finnish designer Hanna Anonen created new Kandili candle holder series for Mifuko.


Bunny, penguin, tall tit to name a few. Our wooden ornaments have been made of fallen jacaranda tree branches.


Blog: Our wooden dove and stars are created in partnership with MADE51

Meet our skilled artisans who make the beautiful baskets. Most of the artisans live in rural areas, where their main livelihood is from small-scale farming. To supplement their income, they weave baskets all year round although the best time of year is during the dry season. The traditional weaving techniques are passed down from generation to generation. The women generally weave at home although every two weeks they gather with their self-help group to work together under the shade of large mango trees. During these meetings they socialize, discuss current issues and exchange news while they weave the traditional baskets.

Anna K.

Anna is a self-taught weaver and has a farm with chickens and dairy cows, selling the yield to the members of her village. Easter and Christmas are the most important selling seasons.

Currently Anna is building her own house and is planning to build a better shelter for her chickens.

Anna loves her job and her family.

Beatrice K.

Weaving has always been Beatrice's full-time-job. Before she joined the Kingongi women’s group in 2010, she sold her traditional baskets in the marketplace.

Her plan is to open a kiosk for basic home care products; she would also like to buy a cow.

Beatrice weaves mostly in afternoons after she has completed her chores at home. Her favorite meal is rice and stew.

Carol W

Carol has a small poultry farm where she raises chicken and eggs for sale. She plans on expanding the farm and building a chicken coup.

Carol was taught weaving by her mother-in-law, and has been weaving since 2017. She uses her earnings for her family needs like school fees and food.

The most important things in Carol's life are her work as an artisan with Mifuko, her farm business and her family. Her favorite meal is chapatti and rice.

Hellena S

Meet our artisan Hellena. She is also a farmer with cows as well as crops such as peas, vegetables and fruit. She lives in village of Kalawani where she is building a house.

Hellena has been weaving baskets since she was a young girl, learning the skill from her grandmother. Now she weaves baskets for Mifuko in the Kyondo women’s group.

The additional income has helped her buy building materials for her house. She is also planning to invest in large scale farming of mangoes. The most important things to Hellena are her family and leading a healthy life.

Mirriam M

Our artisan Mirriam owns a small shop in her village and has been weaving baskets in the Kithitu women’s group since 2013, having learnt the skill from her grandmother.

With the income from Mifuko she can support her family by paying school fees, buy household items and also her uniform for the church choir.

Mirriam is saving money to buy a plot where she plans to build houses for rent. She is passionate about singing in her local church choir. Her favorite color is black and favorite meals are chapatti and a mixture of beans and maize.

Family is the most important thing in Mirriam’s life.

Irene W

Our artisan Irene is also the owner of a small business, selling both chickens and eggs. She starts her day early in the morning, getting her three children ready for school, then cleans her home and tends her chickens.

Irene began weaving baskets in 2010, and weaves in the afternoons. Irene loves working for Mifuko because it has helped her raise her standard of living, not just financially but also socially. Irene uses her income to pay school fees and for her home needs.

She plans to buy goats in the future. Her favorite meal is rice and stew.

Jane S

Meet our artisan Jane, known as a songbird in her village. She also sings in the local church choir. She is a farmer of oranges, mangoes and vegetables, selling her harvest in the market.

Jane's aunt taught her how to weave when she was young so during the off-season she is a full-time basket weaver in the Kyondo women’s group.

She plans to use her savings to expand her house. Jane’s favorite color is black and she loves ugali and vegetables such as sukuma wiki.