Work of hands and hearts

In everything we do we are guided by our core values: being unique, joyful and socially responsible. Uniqueness shows in our designs, wouldn't you agree? Just as every one of our artisans is unique so is the product he or she has made. Our mission is to bring joy to our customers while creating welfare to the rural areas of Kenya. Mifuko is Fair Trade certified. 

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Mifuko blog

Our story is very much about the things that matter to us and with our blog we want to raise topics that we find important, such as sustainable fashion and home decor, women empowerment in developing countries and fight for climate change. Mifuko blog also includes articles about the non-profit activities Mifuko Trust works on.

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The founders

Mifuko was founded in 2009 by two Finnish designers. From the beginning combining modern design with traditional Kenyan handcraft was the leading idea as was fair trade! 

Meet the founders: Minna and Mari

Non-profit work: Mifuko Trust 

Mifuko Trust was founded in 2012 on the side of Mifuko to improve the welfare of the artisan’s communities and fight against poverty. The non-profit organisation has launched different types of projects, all initiated by the locals, such as purchasing sun energy lamps and rainwater tanks. 

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