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Mifuko's wonderful baskets help you organise your home and to find the right place for everything from small toys to pillows.


We believe that a happier future is made by hand.


We have committed to putting people and planet first in everything we do. 


Our ornaments have been handcarved from fallen jacaranda tree branches.


Our candle holders are handmade and create the perfect ambiance.


Learn more about our work in Kenya.

Mifuko is a proud member of World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), the highly regarded global community of social enterprises that practice Fair Trade. WFTO members must demonstrate they put people and the planet first, adhering to the WFTO Fair Trade Principles.

Mifuko certified as a genuine social enterprise

Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) has verified Mifuko as a genuine social enterprise in August 2022 on the basis of the Guarantee process set by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) of which Mifuko is a certified member. The social enterprise movement is part of a global response to a broken economic system that is increasing inequality and causing a climate emergency. SEWF’s goal is to grow the global social enterprise movement to accelerate the transition to a new global impact economy. 

SEWF’s list of criteria that Mifuko meets is as follows:

Mission: has a clearly stated primary social or environmental mission.    

Ethics: is transparent and accountable to its mission and aspires to the highest ethical business standards in all internal and external dealings.

Income: generates the majority (51% or more) of its operating income from trade, the sale of products and services, including grants for product outputs or services.

Surplus: reinvests the majority (51% or more) of its surpluses in pursuit of your mission.

Ownership: is controlled in the interests of your stated mission, not individually controlled.

Asset Lock: has provisions in place to ensure that if the organisation is dissolved, disposed of or converted, all residual assets will be distributed in line with your stated mission.

Mifuko’s Head of Sustainability and Production, Minna Impiö, summarizes her thoughts of Mifuko being verified as a social enterprise: "Mifuko's mission is to improve the well-being of women, men and their communities in rural Africa while bringing joy to our customers - we have a clear social mission. We are happy to be part of the global movement towards a more sustainable and fairer world and economy. We are looking forward to learning and networking through our partnership with the Social Enterprise World Forum.