Wooden red firefinch ornament


Carved out of a fallen jacaranda tree branch this charming ornament can be hung from its satin ribbon on a doorway, in a window or Christmas tree. Or use it to decorate your bag.

We are certified member of World Fair Trade organization and each of our ornaments is signed by the artisan who made it.

Every Mifuko ornament is unique. All pieces are handmade by skilled men and women in rural villages - our Team Kenya. 

The core idea behind Mifuko stands in its name: in Swahili, ‘mifuko’ means pocket. With Mifuko, everyone is left with something valuable in their pocket. For the artisans in Kenya, it’s fair pay, empowerment, and less dependence on unpredictable farming as a source of income. For Mifuko customers (that’s you!), it’s a unique piece that brings together classic Nordic design, traditional Kenyan handcraft, and the story of a man or woman whose signature you can find on the label.

By purchasing this lovely ornament you become an essential part of our story.

We offer you global shipping, ability to keep track of your order and choose the shipping company and pick-up location that best suit your needs. 

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