Wooden star ornament XS / S

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Carved out of wood this star shaped ornament can be hung from its ribbon as a Christmas tree decoration as well as an inside door or window decoration. You can even create a festive table setting by removing the ribbon and placing them around your table.

Available in 2 sizes, XS and X, they also make great gifts as each star is packaged individually in a beautiful white box.

Material: Wood

The height of the XS wooden star is approx. 12 cm/4.7″ and width 12,5 cm/4.9″.
The height of the X wooden star is approx. 18 cm/7″ and width 22 cm/8.7.

Wood carving is a traditional handcraft in the Congo, a skill that is passed down through generations. Kapya, a Congolese refugee living in Kenya, learned the skill from his father and today he creates unique and beautiful ornaments with his team of other refugees. Kapya dreams that his workshop will continue to grow, providing much needed income for these artisans.

We are a certified member of World Fair Trade organization and each of our ornaments is signed by the artisan who made it.

Each Mifuko ornament is unique as they are handmade by skilled men and women in rural villages - our Team Kenya. 

The core idea behind Mifuko is in its name: in Swahili, ‘mifuko’ means pocket. With Mifuko, everyone is left with something valuable in their pocket. For the artisans in Kenya, it’s fair pay, empowerment, and less dependence on unpredictable farming as a source of income. For Mifuko customers (that’s you!), it’s a unique piece that brings together classic Nordic design, traditional Kenyan handcraft, and the story of a man or woman whose signature you can find on the label.

By purchasing a lovely ornament you become an essential part of our story.


All our products are handmade and unique as well as very eco-friendly, achieved by using locally sourced natural fibres, paper, wood, leather and either recycled or upcycled plastic in our products.

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